“It’s The Best City In The World”


My initial plan for this project was to interview some local bands, as well as a representative from Triple J to uncover the hidden work behind going up on stage. Unfortunately, the Triple J and one of the band interviews fell through at the last minute, meaning that I had to come up with a makeshift idea. Enter: The City of Sydney. What started as a lunch with mates turned into A LOT of photos (over 400) as well as some interviews. I really wanted to challenge my friends to think about what they love about living in Sydney.

It is often easy to under-appreciate living in one of the best cities in the world. I wanted to uncover the hidden perspectives that my friends had about living in a thriving city. Having spent most of my schooling years attending St Mary’s Cathedral College, right in the heart of the city, I have witnessed first hand both the beauty, and the beast, of the city. I really wanted to capture the urban scape in all its hectic beauty. Additionally, I wanted to highlight the beautiful nature of one of Sydney’s hidden jewels…

Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens

During my HSC I did a lot of study at the state library. Many a lunch break was spent killing time and listening to music at the gardens. By the end of my HSC campaign, they became somewhat symbolic of the freedom I was about to experience for the ensuing 4 months. It is for this very reason that I was inspired to tty and capture the beautiful and serene nature of the Gardens. They provide stunning Harbour views as well as a somewhat beautiful juxtaposition of peace against the busy city of Sydney. They are also home to many different species of fauna and flora.

In the end I had lots of fun capturing some images whilst exploring the city that I love. My only hope is that I managed to convey both sides of Sydney: The hustling, urban, concrete jungle and the beautiful, calm, therapeutic environment that is the Botanical Gardens. Both settings have provided me with some timeless memories.. Memories of a city that has given me so much, and shaped me into the person I am today. And for that, Sydney, I am truly thankful.

Storify link: https://storify.com/liamr184/it-s-the-best-city-in-the-world


Assignment I


Ali Iglesias has lived in the same house in Mortdale since 1974. She also happens to be my loving grandmother. After a few years living in Coogee, Ali and my grandfather decided to move halfway across Sydney to Mortdale with my father and aunty. It is here where she has spent the last 30 years of her life. In this clip, Ali explains her love for the house that has become somewhat of a shelter for any of her relatives/friends from Chile. I decided to layer an old-popping vinyl sound underneath the music and her interview as to fit with the vintage vibe of the house. The music is Rum Rage by Sticky Fingers (copyright 2014).

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You are what you write

300 word limit- a simple phrase that is the enemy of law students world wide..

After a gruelling first year of university in which I struggled through first year law, feeling more like this than this, I realised that my writing has become uninspiring and bland. These blog posts, however, have reminded me of why I want to be a journalist, and help me discover my love for writing again. Additionally, it has allowed to interact with a wide range of topics, with my peers, and (for the first time in a while) with my own thoughts and opinions.

The topic I found most interesting, and easiest to write about, was “who controls the media”. Coming from a labor background, I had no trouble talking about how much Murdoch et al controlled the media, and in turn our thoughts. It was interesting, however, to discuss this concept in my tute. I walked away from that class buoyed by the fact that not everyone in my generation is controlled by those head honchos at news corp. HOORAH!

The considerably flawed Media Effect Model was another topic that pricked my interest. It made me recognise just how big an effect the media has over every aspect of our lives. As a child born into this technological age, my life has forever been changed by my interaction with media, and the fact you are here reading my thoughts means it probably has for you (how good are generalisations!)

Reading other #BCM100 blogs was also great as it provided me with the wide ranging views of my peers. Through reading other blogs I found that my views were strengthened regardless of whether others agreed or disagreed with me. I found this to be the most rewarding part of my 6 week blogging excursion.

Ultimately though, I have gone from “long time listener, first time blogger” to “long time listener, (semi) long time, somewhat informed, sure about my views blogger**”

**Name of new title is well and truly pending..

You’ve been a pleasure, internet.

Until next time,



#Lateline: bridging the gap between baby boomers and #genWHY

Spawned from Australian consumers disillusion with late night tvLateline is a news and current affairs program produced by the ABC, aired every night on ABC at 10:30pm. Considered by many to be Australia’s best current affairs show after today tonight, Lateline provides the perfect platform, and medium, for thought provoking debate amongst Australians.


You may ask though, how is Lateline a mediated public sphere? For this to be answered it is essential to know what a public sphere is. The ‘public sphere’ is a metaphor for thinking about how individual human beings come together to exchange ideas and information and feelings about what matters to them in a ‘liberal’ society. (Alan McKee, Introduction to the Public Sphere, 2005). It can be said that through its discussion of current topics and interviews with politicans, Lateline well and truly brings people together.

It’s greatest asset in confirming its status as a mediate public sphere, however, is its recent implementation of the #Lateline hashtag. Modern technologies and the media have been blamed for a lot in recent years (re: blog post 3) however when social media works, it works well.

I’ve actively used the #lateline hashtag when watching the show, and often find myself reading my laptop screen more so than watching the T.V (am I Gen Y enough for you yet?!!) Additionally i’ve found myself in heated debates (all in 140 characters) over the topics discussed and the political views of certain liberal halfwits politicians.

This mediated public sphere is evident in #Lateline through its unbiased representation of current news articles, as well as hard hitting interviews with politicians. By encouraging live audiences to interact from their couch, it has established itself as one of Australia’s most informed, and credible, public spheres.

McKee, A 2005, ‘Introduction to the public sphere: an introduction’ in Public Sphere: An Introduction’Cambridge University PressCambridge, pp 1-10.

Four Men to Rule Them All


Everyone will tell you that they want to be informed.. Be it of the current fashion trends, or the current issues affecting Australian society, everyone wants to know what’s going on. Is this possible when 4 names control almost every aspect of the media? The Murdoch’s, the Gordon’s, the Packer’s and Kerry Stokes- 4 men that have had the greatest impact on the Australia’s mainstream media since federation.

A conundrum, however, exists between the publics thirst for the media, and the bodies controlling the media. Put simply: no public=no media. This is why it is essential that we understand where the information that is fed to us comes from. Whilst at times it feels like the bias we are fed in the media is unregulated The Australian Communications and Media Authority is the central body of regulating the content of the media. The codes of practice that it has developed are in place as a means of ensuring that political views aren’t imposed upon the viewer. This, of course, is done to avoid Bias (they are doing a magnificent job, aren’t they).

So then, why does it matter who controls the media? Part of me just wants to say “because it just does!” (this form of argument however would be far from valid). The media has such an influence on society. From the moment you get up in the morning, the first thing most people do is ‘wake up with today‘ or sunrise. Modern technologies have allowed the media to become so influential that the only time we aren’t exposed to it is while we sleep. The glaring flaws that exist in the ACMA’s regulation of the media were out for all to see during last years federal election


As Tom Watson put it, News Limited’s coverage of the 2013 election was “an insult to all Australians”. And you know what, he’s not too far off the mark. The Murdoch-owned News Corp publications account for 65% of national and metropolitan daily newspaper circulation. Whilst News Corp has supported labor in some campaigns (Refer to table above), their blatant character assassination of Kevin Rudd, Julia (or is it juLIAR?) Gillard and the Labor party was constant and blunt. It was no surprise when Liberal won the election by a landslide. And even after the victory Murdoch was chuffed with how he won an election without stepping a single foot in Australia continued his assassination of Gillard and Rudd.. what an endearing human!




This is just one of hundreds of examples of why it is important who control the media.. It’s time for a change, you might say? Not while the Murdoch family tree continues to grow..


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Blood on the leaves

Advertising. What a role it plays in modern society. Whilst flicking through “Controversial advertisements” on google, i was subjected to some weird, weird images. Finding the right ad was tough, and so I settled for an advertisement I saw back in year 9 english class..


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/wwf_blood

The souvenirs referred to in the advertisement range from ivory jewellery, statues and carvings, to products made from snake and crocodile skin. The advertisement was made to draw mainstream attention to the issue of animal cruelty that exists in this business. Whilst many consumers who purchase these goods are unaware (or ignorant) of the process used to create these souvenirs, this image will have you believe that if you purchase these goods, you are essentially murdering innocent animals. This notion is further highlighted by the juxtaposition of the crimson blood trail smeared across an otherwise normal airport. This, accompanied with the words “don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs” bluntly highlights the fact that animals are being slaughtered, all in the name of gifts. Additionally, by leaving the woman’s face blank, WWF has managed to ‘humanise’ her, making this picture relatable to anyone who has been overseas and purchased animal products. The signifier of the ‘blank face’ signifies that the woman is oblivious to her contribution to this business. The fact that she is the only person in this ad also emphasises the lack of awareness on this topic. To be honest with you, prior to viewing this ad back in year 9 english, I had no idea exotic animal trading was a thing. To this day this has had a powerful effect on me as it made me think of times when i’ve received exotic animal souvenirs. Even though I don’t feel like i’ve done anything wrong, should I? Am I part of the bigger picture that is resulting in hundreds of thousands of animals being slaughtered every year all in the name of ‘fashion’ and ‘art’. So is this ad campaign by WWF successful in raising an otherwise unspoken about issue, or is it shock advertising gone too far? What would I know, i’m just a BBM110 student!


CHK CHK BOOM! Can the media be blamed for the Kings Cross lockouts?

The media has been blamed for ALOT in recent years. Everything from child behaviour, to body image, if theres a controversial issue in today’s society, the media is not far behind copping most of the blame. Whether this is justified or not is a matter of opinion. Whilst I accept that the media as a whole cannot be blamed for everything that happens, one issue that the media can be blamed for are the recent Kings Cross lockouts that have been brought in to place in Sydney.


source: http:/www.inthemix.com.au/news/57636/Fights_riot_police_and_empty_streets_The_first_weekend_of_Sydneys_lockouts_in_pictures

The Kings Cross lockouts were brought about after the tragic deaths of two teens, Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie. Both deaths were a result of random ‘one hit punches’. The media, however, blew the issue wide open, convincing everyone that there is a violent culture that exists in Sydney. Pressure was first put on the NSW government to act after the first death, which occurred on 9th July 2012. Whilst this pressure quickly subdued, the issue again found its way to the front page of newspapers when the man responsible for the death was sentenced to four years in jail. This sparked outrage in the wider community, with further pressure being heaped upon the shoulders of the NSW government.

The media’s reporting of mass rallies protesting the decision, as well as playing on the anguish felt by the family meant that the media had worked the public into such a frenzy that the O’Farrell government had to react. It wasn’t until the second death, on New Years Eve, 2013, that the government were backed into a position where they had no option but to act. The ensuing lockout laws were announced on January 21st of 2014. After months of front page headlines and top news stories, the NSW government was forced to take a stand against the violence that the media will have you believe is corrupting the youth of today.

The link between the media and the lockout laws has been discussed by Nicholas Reece in his article “The Sydney lockout: new location, but the same old mistakes”. At risk of going too far over the word count, read the article and make up your own mind as to whether blaming the media for the lockout laws is justified or not.

So, can we really blame the media for the Sydney lockout laws?? Here’s one guy who thinks the media actions have gone a long way in the government’s implementation of these laws.

Until next time, Liam.

*please note that in no way am I trying to deflect the blame of the two deaths on to the media.


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My name is my name

Good afternoon internet.

My name is Liam Ruz, long time internet user, first time blogger. I am currently in my second year of university studies, completing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Journalism. I live in the St George region of Sydney, a city where i have lived my entire life. Prior to university, I attended school at St Mary’s Cathedral College in the heart of the city. My media interests first developed with my love of sport. As a child, I used to write match reviews for anyone that would read them (mainly my father). Since then, writing/journalism/media has always been an interest of mine and an area that I always saw myself going in too. Contrary to this, my decision to study law was spur of the moment more than anything. After recieving a better ATAR than expected, I thought I would give law a crack, and after a fun, albeit difficult year, i’m still standing and telling the tale to whoever will listen!

Fast forward to present day and sport, music, study and mates occupy my time. I love playing and attending different sporting events. I play cricket of a weekend in my local park grade competition and although there hasn’t been a lot to cheer about in recent seasons, I am often found cheering passionately for my beloved Sydney FC and St George Dragons. You can also find me at various establishments around the Sydney CBD area attending music gigs and shows. A lover of alternative and indie rock in years gone by, my musical focus has now switched to a more electronic based sound with artists such as Hermitude, Wave Racer, Sable, What So Not and Major Lazer all receiving high rotation on my iPod. Having said that, I am a lover of MOST musical genres which has allowed me to see some of the biggest artists music. Having attended Big Day Out, Laneway, Homebake and recently this years Falls Festival, a personal goal of mine is to attend Glastonbury Festival in England, the ‘Holy Grail’ for all music fans.

Whilst I try not to dwell in the hyperthetical’s of what the future holds, I hope that in 5 years time I have graduated from the University of Wollongong and that I am happy with my position (whatever it may be) in life!

Until next time,

Liam (dude on the right)Image